The Tetris Project steps

How we work

The TETRIS project manager ensures that everything runs smoothly. He ensures execution quality, deadlines and costs right through until completion and acts as the personal contact for all issues.

Project Consulting Consulting. Solution finding. We provide valuable input for your project initiative.
Project Start Project commissioning by client, investor or project developer / architect, complete or partial project adoption by TETRIS PROJECT. Kick-off meeting.
Project Planning Project management planning, resource/schedule and cost planning, risk planning, quality planning, occupational safety planning, environmental impact planning.
Project Implementation Depending on the scope of the contract - technical planning, realisation of earthworks, shell construction, facade and building finishes, interior finishing, technical finishing, interior fittings.
Project Monitoring Project management from start of collaboration until project completion and transition to project follow-up period e.g. maintenance order
Project Completion Technical acceptance and handover of the entire project package to the client / investor / project developer including proper documentation and operational briefing.

TETRIS PROJECT - service programme

Comprehensive consultation with analysis of all planning and construction issues. Construction project management in close coordination on all decisions with the client / building owner / project developer / architect. Design planning of the entire building or trade package, in various degrees of detail, in different materials / system and product solutions, cost determination and calculation of construction costs. Fixed price agreement with fixed date. Design planning of the construction including structural aspects, if required e.g. heat insulation certificate and fire protection concept, also preparation, applications and documentation for the use of state subsidy programmes. Tendering, awarding and invoicing of construction work: earthworks, shell construction and facade, interior fittings and building services, exterior design. Supervision and control of the construction process. Acceptance and handover of the completed building or service package directly to the building owner/project developer or operating company.

TETRIS PROJECT - service programme

Earthworks: general earthworks, excavation pit production, excavation pit closure, dewatering, subsoil improvement, shallow foundations, deep foundations, drainage work, canal and shaft construction systems, floor slabs…and much more. Exterior load-bearing walls and exterior columns as concrete and reinforced concrete work, masonry work, carpentry and timber construction work, unitised exterior walls, steel construction work, aluminium construction work, all building closures and building/roof sealing, roofing work, thermal insulation systems, exterior doors, exterior windows, glazing work – also glass/ aluminium facades, insulated or ventilated exterior wall cladding, tiling and slab work, natural stone, concrete and concrete work. Tile and slab work, natural stone and artificial stone work, plastering and stucco work, painting and varnishing work, roof structures with roof support structure and roof cladding, skylights and roof openings, ceiling construction, sun protection systems, blackouts… and much more. Interior fittings and building services: Interior supports, interior walls also unitised interior walls, screed work, dry construction work – interior plastering and interior wall cladding, wallpapering work Interior doors and windows, ceiling cladding, roller shutter work, parquet work and wood plaster work, floor covering work, carpentry work, fittings work || Technical installations, water and waste water installations, gas installations, heat generation installations, also geothermal and PV installations, in-house heat distribution network, room heating surfaces, ventilation systems, partial air-conditioning systems, air-conditioning systems, all sanitary and plumbing work, in-house power supply systems, low-voltage systems, lighting systems and installations, lightning protection and earthing systems, telecommunication systems, electro-acoustic systems, television and aerial systems, alarm systems, lift systems, bathroom systems, central installations, building automation… etc. Exterior design: exterior facilities Terrain preparation, metal construction and locksmith work, paths / roads / squares / courtyards / parking spaces, fencing with protective structures, walls, ramps, stairs, roofing, walkways, vegetation-related ground preparation, greenery design with trees, bushes, lawns and flowers including vertical greening of facades … etc.